Artists Demonstrations

Music & Dance Performances

Pat Browne
Arts in Motion 
youth dance ensemble
directed by Alana Pilcher
(Sun. 1:00)

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Gil Hite
Duke York and the Saturday Night Musicians
string band
(Sun. 12:00)
Aline Hoffman
Chinese Brush Painting
Liz Reed 
folk singer
(Sat. 12:00)
Jean Rotter
hand clay techniques
Scotland Consort 
Renaissance/Early classical
(Sat. 3:00)
  Lynita Shimizu
Japanese woodblock painting
women's jazz band
(Sat. 1:00)

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The UCONN Co-op will be
selling books in the barn

Marty Eigen
(Sun. 12:00)
      Michele Chuk & Jennifer Sidney
flute duet
(Sun. 12:15)

Special thanks to Dan Ferguson our announcer and music man

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