Supporter's websites   Participating Artist's Websites
Eldercare Associates   Alecia Barry Underhill
web site of Alecia Underhill
      Lesley Braren
web site of Lesley Braren
Harrisville Golf Course   AmberTortoise Creations
web site of Crista Grasso
      Lori Davis Photography
web site of Lori Davis
Lily Pad   Ann Vaillencourt Fine Art
website of Ann Vaillencourt
      Lynita Shimizu
web site of Lynita Shimizu
Furniture Society   Artful Ramblings
website of Mary Shalkowski
    Meadow Point Studio
web site of Holly Shaw
Pope Law Firm   Black Sheep Designs
web site of Pam Laurenzo
      Moments Captured Forever
web site of Michael Vinyard
The Putnam Traveler Celtic Wanderings
website of Marcus Fisher
      Old Wood Workshop
web site of Thomas Campbell
Sunshine Artist   Cynthia Saari
web site of Cynthia Saari
    Steph Kexel Jewelry
web site of Stephanie Kexel
Taylor Brooke Winery   David Corsini Art
web site of David Corsini
  Stone Soup Pottery
web site of Dot Burnworth
Yarns with a Twist   DDrobney Photography
web site of Dot Drobney


    Tim Saternow
web site of Tim Saternow
    Drumming About You  
      Tom Menard
web site of Tom Menard
    emine pottery's online gallery
web site of Emine
      Todd Wahlstrom
web site of Todd Wahlstrom
  Everlasting Woods
web site of Ted Demurs
      Virginia Stevens Designs
web site of Virginia Stevens
    the Goodhale Hill Press
web site of Edith Royce Schade
      Watercolor Photography
website of Moreno Tangliapietra
    Laura Stone Photography
web site of Laura Stone

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