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Excerpts from artists & performers

  • “All in all things went pretty well, but most of all this was a confidence building personal triumph for me. Thank you for your support and for believing in my work. P.S. the property was beautiful!!!”
  • “The music is an integral aspect of your show. I am so impressed with the quality of the musicians. The number of the artists booths is just right. The quality is high there too. A good mix of medias. The breakfast /lunch food vender was pleasant and good food much appreciated.”
  • “Thank you Ann for having us. I didn't think early this year that I would be able to continue performing and producing Live Music Concerts. But the tremendous encouragement and support given to me by people like you have made the difference. Thank you for what you do Ann. You are truly a Good Egg.”
  • “The show was one of the best... actually "The Best" we ever have been to. The crowd was really our target audience and we were able to make lots of good connections and friends.”
  • We enjoyed the show very much. Since it was the first time for me I learned a lot. The best part was the people, of course. I dare say Artists in the Country  is the best show in Northeast CT, maybe in all of CT."
  • "....it was a great success as far as I'm concerned. My sales were better than expected, my work seemed to be greatly appreciated by the people attending the show, the other artists were just wonderful company and most of all, the staff (especially your two wonderful daughters) were just delightful!! I was able to take breaks and have a volunteer cover my booth, and everyone was in such good spirits. That attitude made it different from any other show I've done in the past. It was for a great cause, it was obvious that an awful lot of hard work went into the show, and attitude of the entire event was just inspiring! Thank you for the opportunity." 
  • "The show was one of the best... actually "The Best" we ever have been to. The crowd was really our target audience and we were able to make lots of good connections and friends.Please do keep us in mind for next year as well. We definitely would want to be part of the show again."
  • "I would really like to commend you and all of your co-workers for your charity; for providing an opportunity for budding young artists in our
    local schools to show their work particularly in these days of shrinking supports for the arts in our public institutions. This is an ideal venue for them and must surely stimulate their interest in the arts... all of the arts represented in the show. It also provides the youngsters an opportunity to meet and talk to the professional artists on site.

    I would like to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. I'm sure other artists feel the same. Your hard work is everywhere obvious.

    In my experiences, there are two kinds of shows; 'popcorn and baubbles' And real "art" shows. You have obviously avoided the former, by design I hope, and will continue to resist the temptation to evolve into the former.
    The raffles (door prizes?) and the silent auctions are tasteful ways of adding interest to the show and of raising additional funds for autistic children. In view of the recent tragedy, your decision to send some income to the Red Cross can only be applauded."


  • "I have told everyone who has asked me about the show how wonderful it was......to me, the combination of the beautiful setting, the camaraderie of the other artists, the helpfulness of all of you that were staffing it, and the caliber of the people who attended, combined to make it a beautiful weekend."
  • "wonderful weekend, fantastic job.. I'd give it a 10!"
  • "we had a good time!! The most important thing is that we learned many things. Thank you so much. We appreciate you and all staff."
  • "fantastic and beautiful site for a show"
  • "The kids' art was fantastic"
  • "I wanted to thank you for the wonderful show you put on. The quality of the work around me made the show doubly enjoyable."
  • "The show was fabulous!! You did an unbelievable amount of work, and it showed! Every detail was considered and taken care of and the quality of the work was excellent."
  • "Without a doubt, this was the best prepared and promoted show I have been in (6 years in the business)"
  • "I felt very well taken care of as an artist. Felt well taken care of and informed."
  • In response to student pieces of the show, "Added a wonderful dimension to the show. Good idea, it was fun meeting the students and they seemed to love the show. It looked great! "
  • "One of the nicest shows I have done in 5 years of outdoor shows."
  • "This show had spirit and soul. Thank you all"
  • "Thanks for all of your hard work. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity to show our work in such a special place. Ya done good!"
  • I thought it was great, well run show, and should be an annual event."
  • "Great Job Volunteers. All your volunteers, so helpful and friendly"
  • "Quality very good-please keep this up, nice mix of artisans, staff was great-all seemed well organized"
  • "First of all, I just want you to know that I did exhibit at the Roseland Cottage show in October. People there were just raving about your show, in fact many people came to that show to find artists that had exhibited the week before at your place! I heard so many good things about the variety, the attendance and the promotion of it all... Congratulations, job well done!"
  • "What a week-end! You are incredible and what you accomplished was incredible!"

Excerpts  from guests
  • "It seemed fantastic! Everybody was having a great time and the artists seemed happy."
  • "What a wonderful festival you brought together!"
  • "This was a fine and daring adventure. I loved sharing it with you and family
  • "The show was great. I bought the nicest wooden bowl too. The kids art was wonderful."
  • "Well Done! This was a really well organized show that did not falter once, right down to all the little details."
  • "Congratulations! What a wonderful event you held! ...... Everything was organized perfectly, everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time, the weather was fantastic ...."
  • "Ann, I just want to take a moment to let you know what a professional, wonderful occasion you created. It felt right, and worth repeating.  Congratulations!"


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