Many of the artists in this show tell me that "this show has a special feel to it that is not found in other shows"  They say that "this show has spirit" and "this show is my favorite show in CT."
       Guests tell me that it has been one of the nicest things they have done in the area, that they usually stay at a show an hour or so, but at this show, they often stay all day.
       In my heart, I think a big part of the reason that people feel this way is because of the wonderful children's art that is displayed in the barn from the many local schools that have participated. I must again say "thank you" to all the teachers who have added this show to their many year end responsibilities. This show is not a requirement of any Art teacher's job, yet many, since the first show have given their time to help make this children's exhibit possible.
      People often ask me if the children's work is for sale. It is not. It  is for exhibition only. I want the children to feel proud of their accomplishments, and for their families to be able to keep and appreciate the artwork that was exhibited here. This is a sampling of what is going on in our local schools. It is not a contest, it is not necessarily the "best" work in the schools. I am trying to show the importance of the arts in the schools, and how some children who have difficulty with academics, can flourish if the arts are appreciated.
       Parents who come to the show to see their children's artwork tell me that their children are so proud to be in a "real art show". One mother, as she smiles with pride tells me of her son, now a 4th grader, who had been in my show as a preschool child 5 years ago, tells me that her son now loves to go to art shows even though his work is not present.
Ann Chuk

Dori Dougal - Art Teacher 

Marcia Hardell - Art Teacher 

Pam Abel- Teacher 

Brooklyn, CT

Parish Hill High
Ann Williams- Art Teacher
Chaplin, CT
Chaplin Elem.
Karen Avis - Art Teacher 

Chaplin, CT
Pomfret Community School
Amie Dinsmore
- Art Teacher,
Anna Limeiro - Art Teacher
Pomfret, CT
Eastern State University Family
and Child Dev Center

Terri Lawrence - Director
Willimantic, CT
Scotland Elem.
Judy Newton- Art Teacher
Scotland, CT
Eastford Elem.
Joan Muller - Art Teacher
Eastford, CT
St. Thomas The Apostle
Susan Talarski Trappe- Art Teacher
West Hartford
Hampton Elem.
Elizabeth Lindoff - Art Teacher
Hampton , CT 
Sweeney Elementary
Andrea Marshall - Art Teacher
 Jopi Pierce - Teacher

Willimantic, CT
Killingly Central Elem.
Paula Bourdeau - Teacher
Killingly , CT 
Union Elem.
Jean Bach - Art Teacher
Union, CT 
The Learning Clinic
Marlen Thomen- Art Teacher
Brooklyn, CT
Windham Early Childhood Centers
Anne Sicilian - Preschool Teacher
Karen Delmastro - Preschool Teacher
Willimantic, CT 
North Windham
Brenda Anderson - Art Teacher

Windham, CT 

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