Ashford Elementary School
Deb Courtright - Teacher
Ashford, CT
New Heights Daycare
Willimantic, CT
Brooklyn Elementary School
Pam Abel - Teacher
Brooklyn, CT
North Windham Elementary School
Juli Lucier - Speech Language Pathologist

Willimantic, CT
Chaplin Elementary School
Karen Avis - Art Teacher 

Chaplin, CT
Parish Hill High School
Ann Williams - Teacher

Chaplin CT
Eastford Elementary School
Joan Muller - Art Teacher
Eastford, CT
Pomfret Community School
Anna Lemiero - Art Teacher
Pomfret, CT 
Glastonbury High School
Marissa Copley - Teacher
Glastonbury CT
Scotland Elementary School
Jean Bach - Art Teacher
Scotland, CT
Hampton Elementary School
Elizabeth Lindorf - Art Teacher
 Hampton, CT
Sweeney Elementary School
Jopi Pierce - Teacher
Willimantic, CT 

Killingly Central School
Paula Bourdeau - Art Teacher

Killingly, CT
Union Elementary School
Jean Bach - Art Teacher
Union, CT 
Killingly Intermediate School
Gina Grant- Art Teacher

Killingly, CT
Vinton Elementary School
Linda Duckstein - Teacher

Mansfield, CT
Kinderbrook Montessori
Ashford, CT
Windham Center Elementary School
MaryJo Tryba, - Speech Language Pathologist
Windham Center, CT 
The Learning Clinic
Joe Zuzel- Performing Arts Teacher
Marlies Thomen - Visual Arts Teacher

Brooklyn, CT
Windham Early Childhood Center
Karen Delmastro & Anne Sicilian
Willimantic, CT 
Margaret Wilson Family and Childhood Center
Eastern CT State University
Claudia Ahern -  Teacher
 Willimantic, CT


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